Cowichan Valley – The Warm Land

Cowichan is a region on the east coast of Vancouver Island, B.C. that includes eclectic and diverse towns like Ladysmith, Chemainus, Duncan, and Mill Bay. It is centrally located between Victoria and Nanaimo. It features seaside and lakeside communities, bountiful farms. wineries, and a basket of locally produced foods and crafts. Each year, thousands of people visit the Cowichan Valley to experience the festivals and local arts and culinary scenes.

“I often tell people that living in the Cowichan Valley is a gift. With incredible natural beauty, mild winters, and the quality life that everyone here enjoys, it’s a wonderful place where I see friends and family live life to its fullest. I truly appreciate the opportunities and lifestyle that I have found here.”


Buyers Start Here

Professional Advice and Guidance for Buyers

The old adage “never judge a book by its cover” is especially true in real estate. My role as a REALTOR® is to provide professional research and project management services to help you make an informed decision and complete your purchase in the time frame allowed.

I represent you exclusively as a buyer’s agent, pointing out potential areas of concern and explaining how certain features and attributes can make a home particularly appealing. My focus is always on your best interests so you can concentrate on things like the look and feel of a home and leave the technical details to me, your personal expert.

When it’s time to make an offer to purchase you’ll be able to count on my professional training in negotiation and due diligence. I’ll provide the research services necessary to ensure the property is in good legal standing. And then, through discussion and compromise, I will help you reach a mutually beneficial agreement of sale. You don’t need to worry about forgetting anything because I will be leading the process for you, finding and coordinating the professional service people we’ll need to complete your purchase.

Not many people realize that Realtors® have special responsibilities to the public that are mandated by federal and provincial regulations. It’s called fiduciary duty and it means that I am legally obligated serve my clients with the same care and attention that I give to my own business.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss your next home purchase. I look forward to serving you.

Sellers Start Here

Insured, Fiduciary Representation for Sellers

Marketing your home is only one of the services that I provide to you as your representative. There are three additional services that are just as important. These are negotiating the sale, coordinating the exchange process, and errors and omissions insurance.

I am a trained professional in the art of negotiation and will use my skills and resources to ensure that you receive a fair price and favourable terms. Sometimes the buyer’s agent may use aggressive tactics which can distract sellers from their true goals. It’s comforting for some to know that they have a trustworthy professional on their side at all times.

An accepted offer is only the first step toward a successful sale. The buyers may impose conditions on the contract, like financing or a home inspection. I will guide you through the process and work with the buyer’s agent to overcome any challenges that might arise and cause the contract to be nullified.

When all of the conditions are removed, it’s time to celebrate but also time to prepare for moving into your new home. Our office has relationships with reputable real estate service providers like mortgage brokers, movers, and others that may wish to contact. Realtors® are forbidden from taking commissions from third-parties so you can be assured that my recommendations are impartial and in always in your best interests.

And finally, you can rest easy knowing that the entire process and all the paperwork has been double-checked by my office for accuracy and completeness.  Errors and misunderstandings sometimes still happen and it’s good to know that your entire transaction is insured by the Errors & Omissions Corporation, which is a component of the BC Real Estate Services Act.

A note about trust and integrity

All Realtors® are legally required to work from a position of fiduciary duty, which is an obligation to manage your home sale with the same care and attention that I would give my own transaction. You might recognize it as The Golden Rule, or, treating others as we would want to be treated ourselves. You can read more about the REALTOR®  Code of Ethics here.

About Me

At Home in the Cowichan Valley

Since 1992, I have lived and worked in the Cowichan Valley and enjoyed a successful career, first with Osborne Realty and then Pemberton Holmes.

I have watched my family grow up in the Cowichan Valley and now my grand children are sharing in the same wonderful quality of life that their parents enjoyed. I spend as much time with them as I can and it’s a delight to answer their questions about the area and the meaning of local icons.

I am especially active in the community, sharing my skills and life experiences with others, and growing as a professional at the same time. Being part of a local effort and joining with organizations that work on behalf of the people of Duncan is very rewarding. I have participated as a board member, director, and volunteer for these organizations:

  • BC Restaurant and Food Services Association
  • Duncan Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Improvement Association
  • Fringe Festival Society
  • BC Seniors Games (Food Service Director)
  • Quw’utsun’ Cultural & Conference Centre (Director of Business Services)

Please have a look around this website. I hope you’ll find something that interests and and that we might have a chance to meet and talk.